James Robins Illustrator

James Robins is an internationally published illustrator who has worked in an unusually wide variety of subject areas and mastered an unusually wide variety of techniques in his career.
Although the site is divided broadly into these subject areas, there is always a measure of cross-fertilization in approach to any illustration problem so it would be worth while visiting all of the zones to fully appreciate the quality of his work.

In each area can be found examples of traditional techniques – drawing in pencil, pastel and ink; painting with watercolour, gouache and oil; collage assemblages – plus examples of digital enhancement and origination.

Many images shown here are available for publication or one-off prints, please refer to the contact page for details.

James Robins is also known for his portraiture commissions;
JR Portraits are in the business of capturing memories - a baby's smile, a beloved pet, a family home or a treasured possession. If you are interested, click on the Portraits button to the right.
All images © James Robins 2010, unless shown otherwise